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We are forced to defend marriage equality when it shouldn’t need defending. It’s a miracle that in a world where there’s so much hate two people are even capable of love. Cherish that.

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With the recent step toward equal rights, I’m not only proud to be an American but I’m also proud to be a gay American for the first time in my life. Happy Fourth of July. I’m certainly going to let my freedom ring. 

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Where’s the equality?
It’s 2012 for cryin’ out loud. 

Where’s the equality?

It’s 2012 for cryin’ out loud. 

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Let’s bring back racial segregation and see how people like that. 

It’s the same exact thing.

Inequality is inequality. 

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Got a problem with gay marriage?

Everyone deserves equal rights, no matter their age, gender, color of skin, orientation, religious ties, etc. It’s the right thing to do. I’m proud for NYC and their legalizing gay marriage. Homosexuals are people, too. 

Today, it’s homosexuals and their battle for equality. Yesterday, it was African Americans and their fight for civil justice, the fight for women’s suffrage, the Holocaust…. There has always been discrimination. You would think the land of the free would have, you know, more freedom, but sadly it does not. We have the power to change our tomorrow. Let’s band together. The sake of humanity depends on it. 

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