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My debut novel DROWNING is now available!
"The lives of four college students twist together with psychological drama during the fall term of freshman year."
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I just realized that in two weeks’ time I will be 25 years old.

Where did the last year go? And the year before that? In the greater scheme of things, it really does feel like I’m only going to be here for just a moment. That’s it. One small moment. It will come, and it will go. And there are so many things that I haven’t done yet, that I want to accomplish, that I want to experience. I want to make an impact. I want to work hard to make my dreams come true. I want my name to mean something. I want to fall in love. I want to grow old. I want to have children, a family, a home, a life. I want to leave my mark. I want. I want. I want…. All I really want is to make my moment count, you know? After so many years thinking I was undeserving, I just want to live—actually live—my moment to its fullest. I want my moment to be infinite.

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